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Name:        Han, Rong-Yao
Specie:      Red Elk Spirit
Age:         Unknown
Gender:      Male
Orientation: Gay
Residence:   Balkans
 Birthdate 5 February
 Birthplace Bulgaria
 Height 1.77m (5'8")
 Weight 65kg (144lbs)
 Blood type Type O-
 Relatives Sava
 Likes Active life, Knives
 Dislikes Anything not good
 Hobbies Writing
 Favorite food Rice, Tea & Coffee
 Habbits Smoking, Talk too much.
 Fighting style Tai Chi

Han, Rong-Yao
(Rong or Ry)

Fur Color Appearance

Head is dark red with a lighter gray fur line on top in form of a little triangle with both side angles cutted before reach the horns, the other angle points forward to his nose,
which tip reaches the level of the eyes, contrasting in very lighter red.
His mug, back, shoulders, waist and the top side of the tail are dark red.
His muzzle around the mounth, front side of the neck, chest, front side of the body,
arms from the inner side from the armpits next to the elbowls are very lighter gray.
Nose is constrasted lighter red.
Palms, inner side of the ears and the tip of the fingers are gray with a contrast of very lighter red around the corners.
The rump, inner side of the hips to the knees, are gray with a contrast of very lighter red around the corners.
Sheath and balls are gray again with a contrast of very lighter red around the corners.
Sheath have a red thin fur streak/line from the tip to the bottom and goes thru the balls to the taint, reaching the beneath of the tailhole.
The eyes are pure black.
The horns are in dark dark non-contast wooden color.


Not so tall, skinny, rather athletic in the chest and belly chest mostly, huge muscled rump, feral elk legs,
athletic hips, skinny legs bellow the knee like a real elk.
Fuzzy fur over the cheeks, soul patch/goatee which is gray,
light black fur line that goes from his neck tied up like a long braid, fuzzy fur on the nose, have wolf like claws.
The horns are 6, 2 long, 2 aside the long ones and 2 very small in front the long ones.
Down From the waist to the hooves his body is 100% feral elk like.


Grass green or dark blue tribe cloth over the shoulders only that drops lower to his left shoulder,
sort of loincloth that covers only the front and the both sides without the butt.


species Red Elk or Gray Wolf
gender male from Plovdiv, Bulgaria
loves Adult, Adventure, Alternative 47 submissions 1 roleplay characters 8,278 page views 254 comments received 433 comments posted 5,629 profile views
groups   SoFurry
  All Male Gayness

Latest Journal posted 01 Apr 2014

So heya guys, making just a random journal entry to fulfil my time here and there. I have intuos3 and it keeps nagging me, with several problems, the plastic sheet that covers the active area is well... pretty damn scratched and i was looking for a way to replace it, i know it is a type of adhesive sheet but does someone has any idea what could work better as a solution?

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StGeorgesHorse 5 days ago
Thanks for the Vote!
Akira 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the Vote Rong ^v^
Chase 1 month ago
I claim this page in the name of Team Rocket!
RongYao 1 month ago
Awww yes, Poké Balls all over. ;) haha
wolftwins17 2 months ago
Right, so sorry to bother you with this, but it's seems that I have one more problem with the SF story uploader...
RongYao 2 months ago
No worries, i'm still hooked on testing for your issue, mention the details on the reports. ;)
Ricardo Darkclaw 2 months ago
Thanks for the help RongYao, the help was much appreciated :)
wolftwins17 3 months ago
I just wanted to wish you and yours a happy Cristmas Eve! :3
Io 3 months ago
May you & yours have a Merry Christmas & the best wishes of this coming New Year! XP
RongYao 3 months ago
awwwwww TANK you! ;D *tackles the husky*
Io 3 months ago
*Ahh gets tackle * XP
Psycohound 4 months ago
oye!! will you be around chat this weekend bud?
RongYao 3 months ago
Gaaah around xmas, you will hear my hooves over your roof. ;D
Shouyousei 4 months ago
I love your icon! <3
RongYao 4 months ago
*murrh* Thanks, erm which one of them? ;D
Shouyousei 4 months ago
All of them! But Yahkoh is my favorite!
RongYao 4 months ago
They are Yakkul, my character is tad based on him. ;D
Shouyousei 4 months ago
Yakkul, that's it. I get to kick my friend Tumble's butt for giving me the wrong name, because I couldn't remember! x3 Super cute!
RongYao 4 months ago
Yakkul, Yakkuru or however people calling it on the east or the west, it is a cute character and I love the animation. My characte is slightly based on the animation character because of that. ^^
Shouyousei 4 months ago
He's definitely a wonderful character, and from one of my favorite movies!
Psycohound 4 months ago
reset the skypes bud!!!